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News > Polymer Li-ion Battery Becomes the New Darling of Battery Industry in 2013

Polymer Li-ion Battery Becomes the New Darling of Battery Industry in 2013


With the lack of energy and the strict control on environmental pollution in the whole society, power cars and hybrid cars have become one of the bright spots in today's automotive industry, and the issue that which battery should be used for power has become imperative in 2013. According to relevant survey, most experts believe that polymer Li-ion power battery will become the new darling of battery industry in 2013, because other kinds of power battery need to be improved in various aspects.

Polymer lithium ion battery meets the must-have three conditions as power supply: 1. high safety performance, 2. suitable for high-power charge and discharge, 3. normal operation under high and low temperature environment. As a power supply, the safety performance of power battery is bound to occupy the first place. The power supply should not be a "time bomb" at first, and it should be able to adapt to harsh environments in the course.

In view of the development of power supply in 2013, the price of the battery is not the most critical issue; the key issue is the safety. Material and technological development of IC industry show industry trends, product performance will be better; the price is getting lower and lower. Of course, the key materials and high-end materials would be the issues this industry must solve in 2013. The development of the charging equipment also must keep up, it is necessary to develop management circuits, equalization circuit, protection circuit to form an integrated product with battery and charger.