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Diaphragm is the Application Direction of Power Battery


Today's society focus on the development of electric vehicles, energy storage batteries and other new energy industry, lithium battery as recognized ideal energy storage element is getting higher attention. China has also invested huge funds and policy support battery in the field.

Lithium battery separator has been unable to achieve the domestic large-scale production because of the investment risk and high technical threshold, which has become the constraint bottleneck in the development of lithium battery industry.

The two main production processes of Lithium battery are dry process and wet process. The power battery for Car has large capacity and high security requirements, which also requires the diaphragm to be stronger, better liquid retention and safety temperature. The dry process can be used in the form of multi-layer composite; this membrane has many advantages, such as, structural safety, uniform porosity, permeability and heat resistance, which can fully meet the stringent requirements of the power lithium battery.

Currently, most foreign and domestic power battery manufacturers have recognized that Diaphragm processed in this kind of technology is the application direction of lithium power battery. At present, the improvement in the capacity of diaphragm material is an urgent requirement for the lithium battery industry in China and the global lithium battery industry.