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Ni-MH Battery has been Widely Used in More Fields


Currently, cadmium contained in the widely used Ni-Cd batteries is toxic, so it is complex to deal with waste batteries and the environment will be badly polluted, so it will gradually be replaced by rechargeable Ni-MH batteries made ​​of hydrogen storage alloy.

In view of the battery power, the power of NiMH rechargeable battery the same size with nickel-cadmium battery will be higher about 1.5 to 2 times than that of the later, and no cadmium pollution, what's more, the NiMH rechargeable power battery have already been widely used in mobile communications, laptops and other small portable electronic devices.

Ni-MH battery consists of nickel hydrogen ions and synthesis, its power reserve is more than that of nickel-cadmium battery by 30% and lighter than nickel-cadmium battery. In addition, the Ni-MH power battery has longer service life and no environmental pollution.

Currently, NiMH battery with larger capacity has been used for gasoline / electric hybrid vehicle, the use of nickel-metal hydride battery fast charge-discharge process, when the car at high speed, the generator of the electricity stored in the car's nickel-metal hydride power battery when the car low speed, high speed is usually higher than the state consumes a lot of gasoline, so in order to save fuel, then you can make use of nickel-metal hydride battery-vehicle to drive motor instead of an internal combustion engine, which not only ensured the normal driving, but also save a lot of gasoline.