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News > Power battery will get its place to roll in the next five years

Power battery will get its place to roll in the next five years


Energy-saving and environmental protection will be a continuing impetus to the development of future industries, including the core components of new energy vehicles, "urban mining" resource recycling industry, environmental monitoring. And new energy automotive industry will largely depend on the development of power battery.

Technological breakthroughs in motor and electric control and other key components decide the development of new energy automotive industry. As the battery performance is linked to the driving mileage safety, cost, charging environment and other factors of new energy vehicles, power battery is the “heart” of these vehicles, which will be the first to benefit from the new energy automotive industry development.

In the next five years, traditional small lithium-ion battery will show steady growth trend with the driving of tablet PCs and Ultrabooks, power batteries and storage batteries will be a new growth point in lithium-ion battery industry. As a professional power battery company, New power will continue the research of new power battery to meet various demand.