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The Development Prospects of Solar Power Battery


Nowadays, the application of solar power battery has been expanded from the field of military and aerospace fields to the industry, commerce, agriculture, communications, household appliances and utilities sector; in particular, it can be dispersed in remote areas, mountains, deserts, islands and countryside in order to save the cost of transmission lines. However, at this stage, its cost is also high; tens of thousands of dollars will be paid to issue 1kW power, so the large-scale use of solar power battery is still subject to economic constraints.

In the current market, photovoltaic cells are made of monocrystalline silicon. Due to the energy consumption of single silicon cell production is huge, some experts believe that the energy consumption of existing monocrystalline silicon cell production is greater than the solar energy captured during its life cycle, it is o energy consumption f no value. The most optimistic estimate is that about 10 years time is required, the use of monocrystalline silicon cells for solar can be greater than the production of the energy consumed. Monocrystalline silicon is made by reduction of quartz sand, the melted crystal pulling. The energy consumption during Production process is greater, serious environmental pollution, toxic and hazardous substances. The production of Solar Power battery has been shifted from abroad to China. All over the country on a single crystal silicon and monocrystalline silicon cell production line. According to the industry leader, Mr. Shi Zhengrong A reporter revealed that the mainland in 2008, 30% of the total global production of photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic industry in China for two consecutive years to become the first in the world.

However, in the long run, with the improvement of the solar power battery manufacturing technology as well as the invention of new light - electricity conversion device, the national protection of the environment and the huge demand for clean and renewable energy, solar power battery will continue to open up broad prospects for the large-scale use of solar energy of in the future through the use of solar radiation comparison realistic and practical approach.